Player & Squad Photos

Squad Photos

Having your squad photos taken is a great way to document your club's history.  Players can look back at their time at your club in years to come. Team Photos can also be created as a composite image From there Individual player photos

 Player & Staff Photos

Are you looking for player and staff photos for your team website or social media?

Taking on the services of Kieren Griffin photography is a no risk decision, helping you raise funds and improve your profile.

Book your Photo Day with us. Our Green screen photo days are hassle free as our team will help you to organise it all. Our Photo Days are free for Clubs with 60 or more youth players. But don’t you worry we have plenty of options available for smaller Clubs and Groups.

Whandling all scheduling, photo day staffing and customer service, just pass any issues on to us! What are you waiting for? Book your Club’s Photo Day today.

- Green screen photoshoot for all players, coaches and club officials.

- A team composite download for every manager featuring them and their team.

- Head shot of everyone photographed (Green screen image extracted on to a white background).

- Raise much needed funds for your club from the sale of photos.

- Hassle free - No collecting money, no order envelopes to go missing and no photos to return.

- Private Gallery Password - Each players gallery has its own password

Parents and players can choose their individual packs and order them safely online. Don’t worry there is no obligations to buy.